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Hi - good to see you! Grab a chair & stay a while...I'll go put the kettle on...

My name is Mandy, I am a Daughter, a Sister, a Mother, a wife, an Aunt, a Great Aunt, a God-Mother & my passions in life are family, animals & paper craft! I have two children, Hayley (23) & Ryan (21), they are my best accomplishment in life! Most of their young life was spent with me bringing them up as a single parent and dealing with what was thrown at us. I spent ten years (as a single mum) dedicated to bringing up my children & taking myself off for further education learning computers skills, web design etc.  Pleased to say I came out with distinctions to shout about!

...bringing up two completely different natured & academic children was a joyful/painful challenge - one has a brain like a sponge and learnt fast, the other, struggled more and hated learning!  They still, as adults are the same! I have one that has succeeded through health challenges (whilst & after) being diagnosed with cancer aged (just)18 - and the other, struggling with life's challenges and not getting anywhere fast. I long for the day when that one has 'grown' a little more & the free spirit within curbs just enough for a place to land happily...

Few more bits about family:
. Both Parents are still with us.
.I have lots of Aunts & Uncles - many still here.
.I have lots of cousins!
.I have three Bothers & 4 Sisters
.I have 7 Nieces & 8 Nephews (ages range from 29 yrs down to 2 years)
.I have 3 cats & 1 dog!
.I have a fantastic hubby!! I've kept that one till last cos I want to tell you a little bit about him....

Hubby & I 'met' in November 2005 and 'met- face-to-face' in January 2006! It was through our love of animals & making friends online that we got to know one another.  There I was, a single Mum, working & supporting my two children and then the next thing, falling ill & being made redundant, practically all in the same month - along with my youngest child having school issues & me attending his school more than he did! Tough time I recall! Anyway, my evenings were spent alone, recovering and trying to work out how our life was going to be, and what I could do to make things better...basically banging my head against a brick wall and feeling such a failure.  Some nights I would go online to this friendship group thing, and really didn't join in as such but comments could be left on peoples pictures etc. Two pictures caught my eye, two lovely dogs...I dunno why I was drawn to them but I was, so I left a comment.  I didn't expect to hear anything back but surprisingly I did, four days later when I had forgotten about it.  I received a short but nice & polite reply. ...that reply  lead to many replies back & forth over the next two months...anyway, I had just turned 40 and my life had started! Oh how it started I can tell you...but that's another story another time...well to cut it short - hubby & I married on 07.07.07( which incidentally, was his Mother & father's wedding anniversary).  I practically cried through most of the service...too bloomin' emotional...but it was a wonderful day....

Hubby & I on our wedding day!

My Son & Daughter & I

So, having married my Soul mate and looking forward to the future & what it entailed, little did I know what would come our way, not just us but as a new family.  Four months after getting married, my daughter was diagnosed with cancer...

I wont go into all the details.  If you want to know anything from my Daughter's view, her blog is:

So, dealing with what we have had to, I know that meeting & marrying this FABULOUS MAN was meant to be.  He is my rock, he walks with my health burdens , alongside me, supports me EVERYDAY and I would & could never ask for anyone better....he even supports my craft, that is saying something....LOL

Now, if you've got this far, phew, I am in awe of you! LOL

I want to mention a little bit of my crafty flair.  I've always, from a young child, found solace in anything crafty, from paper mache, drawing, painting, sewing,cross stitch, decorating and now paper crafting.  This now is my main craft.I just love to paper craft, mainly making handmade cards.  I have been doing this now since 2006 and when I look back then to how I started & what I created, I can definitely say I have 'come along way' since then!

You see most of my crafty attempts on this blog an may have seen some of my DT work for Emma's Crafty Challenge .

Any questions, ask away...

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Pat Taylor said...

Hi Mandy, after reading your comments on my blog post I just wanted to return the favour. We have a few things in common! I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and was brought up knowing so many of my relatives that I found remembering who was who was a bit of a nightmare until I go the hang of it, lol. We also have 3 cats and 1 dog. I started card making in January 2010 so I've not been doing them as long as you have but once started i was hooked. Oh mustn't forget our son, still at home at the age of 42, and our daughter married with a son, 18 now, and our only grandchild. Apple of our eyes! Right I am off to have a look at one or two of your creations. Talk soon oh and thank you for visiting my blog. X