Friday, 7 November 2014

I'm back...for today at least!

Hi All,

After having a three month break from blogging, I thought I would pop in and post a few pics of cards I have created over the months.  I've had major surgery so rest was instructed.  Do you know how frustrating that is, recovering when you have a lot of craft stuff staring you in the face?

Anyhoo, here's some crafty makes:



I apologise for pics being all over the place, I tried & tried to align them neatly but blogger didn't like my style!

I hope to start my Christmas cards very soon.  I say start, I did actually make some already - they were sent to:

Check the link out.  It's such a lovely thing to do, if you've not already done something like this before!

But first, before Christmas cards, I have a few family birthday cards to do, starting

Until next time,

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Lea Brawn said...

Wow you've been busy. Fab cards. Hope you're feeling better now x